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Churches > Apostolos Loucas

In the village of Korakou, situated in the heart of the Soleas valley, there are foru churches, which have been preserved remarkably and have been designated as Ancient Monuments. These are the church of the BVM (Panagia) Eleoussa, the church of the Apostle (Apostolos) Loucas, the church of Saint (Agios) Mamas and the church of Saint (Agia) Varvara which are mentioned by Jeffery in his book, “A Description of the Historic Monuments of Cyprus”, of 1918.


The church of Apostolos Loucas is situated on a hill-top and is the first church one comes across on entering the village. It is a church with a single nave, covered with an arched vault, a typology which is commonly met with in churches built during the time of Turkish rule. On the exterior it possesses a second wooden foof, covered with flat ‘hooked’ tiles, again a common feature of the churches with wooden two pitched roofs. This second roof extends over the nave to create covered porticos along the three sides of the church, giving it a uniquely beautiful appearance. The apse is semi-circular both inside and outside, a feature which is generally uncommon in small scale churches. An inscription carved in a stone plaque over the north doorway gives the date of construction as 1697.

This church also contains the silverchalice of the 18th c. which was donated by Sofronios, the then Bishop of Kyrenia (1773-1791). Agiow Loucas church was restored by the Department of Antiquities in 1999 and 2000. The wooden roof was restored, newer plasters were removed from the walls and the floor was restored using traditional Cypriot marble slabs. All the wooden doors and windows were also repaired.


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