Blossom Time

It’s hard to resist taking a few shots when the orchards are at peak bloom.  That’s Horatio Davidson somewhere in the Hood River Valley circa 1915. The post Blossom Time appeared first on The History Museum of Hood River County.

Are You Using American Express Money Orders?

These ladies appear to be getting ready to board the Mt. Hood Railroad jitney for a ride up the Hood River valley. The list of destinations is posted on the depot:  Powerdale, Switchback, Van Horn, Mohrs, Odell, Summit, Bloucher.  We

Car and Driver

This is Paul Barnett, husband of the famous Dr. Ruth Barnett.   But as you might have guessed, I’m more interested in this fine automobile.  Any guesses? The post Car and Driver appeared first on The History Museum of Hood River

Fun with the Thomsons

This is a good example of why I’ve been having so much fun looking through the Thomson family album.  They always seem to be having fun, there’s often a local background, and there’s always lots of detail to enjoy.  The

Tricycle and Quadcycle?

This is a great view of the neighborhood around the Thomson house at 9th and Cascade, circa 1925.  Those kids are very proud of their rides.  I suspect that four-wheeled cycle handled like a shopping cart, but I could be


When I first encountered a box of images from the Hood River News with no IDs on the photographs I was scratching my head, but it turns out this was their box for wayward visuals which needed identification.  This 1957

Road Trip!

It seems like they&#8217ve packed up the aged Chalmers Motor Firm auto for a camping journey.  This is from the Thompson household album, and that may perhaps be Earl Franz at the wheel. The date is a little bit perplexing. 

“The Wind Does Blow”

I believe that this is Alta (Walter) Might herself, demonstrating that Hood River wind is not constantly welcome at official gatherings.  This was circa 1940. The publish &#8220The Wind Does Blow&#8221 appeared initial on The Historical past Museum of Hood

Dick Edstrom

I&#8217ll bet we can learn additional about the issue of this photo, Dick Edstrom.  It&#8217s from a assortment of looses pictures in the Hood River News assortment, most relationship from the late 1950s.  We know from this edition of the

Sunday Lawn Mowing

It looks like George Thomson is mowing the lawn in his Sunday very best.  Their property was on the corner of 9th and Cascade, diagonally throughout from the previous armory building.  I assume it might have been the most significant