Invoice Allen is examining the output of the teletype device, very likely at the Hood River News workplaces. In this era a wire company like the AP or UPI would collect news tales from all corners of the world and send them to subscribers by using “teletype” machines like this. Neighborhood newspapers could pick tales of community interest to involve in their publications. I’m positive you’d acknowledge the clattering noise of a teletype as it’s featured in practically just about every movie which took location in a newsroom.

I hope another person can inform us about Invoice Allen. It is a prevalent title, but I’m guessing he was a reporter or editor for the Hood River Information. It comes from a group of images which look to be from the mid-1950s, but this print does not bear a day.

A small laptop or computer heritage trivia: units like this turned out to be handy output equipment for primitive digital desktops in the times right before screens. The abbreviation “/dev/tty” for “teletype device” is however hidden deep in the working techniques of quite a few computer systems, a relic of the days when devices like this were clattering with the output of applications managing on mainframe personal computers.