This image from the Crag Rats collection shows Cloud Cap in on a June evening in 1964.

Jeffrey Bryant found this great history of the construction of Cloud Cap Inn and the road up to it, as recalled by Will Langille in 1927.  This post shows the work crew Langille describes.

While we talk about Cloud Cap Inn being constructed in 1889, the reality is it’s under constant construction.  The harsh climate requires regular major repairs which the Crag Rats and the US Forest Service undertake every couple of years.  The roof, the foundation, the chimney have all been rebuilt.  Years ago we were debating whether an image of the interior had been flipped because the room layout had undergone major revisions.  Our collection of high quality images documents this work.  You can actually compare the stonework in the foundation and chimney to determine which rocks were installed by the work crew of 1889 and which ones are the work of more recent teams.

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