In May 1920 the voters of the City of Hood River approved a $45,000 bond to acquire a new fire engine to replace the antiquated 1904 chemical engine, as well as build a new city hall top replace the old city hall on 4th Street.  This bond was based on a $35,000 construction estimate for the building and $12,000 for the engine.  That’s roughly equivalent to $570,000 and $195,000 in 2024 dollars. You can read more about the plans here.

This postcard shows the result: a shiny new 1920 American LaFrance fire engine and an attractive building with room for the City Council, staff, fire department and the constable.

In 2011 the building underwent a major renovation, but it looks substantially the same.  The city council chambers still function as they did in 1920 when Mayor Scobee presided.

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