Here’s a fun a person from the in-basket.  In 2002 a Keizer Oregon person wrote to the Chamber of Commerce:

I bear in mind heading to Hood River to decide fruit.  It was the Drop of 1936.  I was 18 decades old in July.

I don’t know how outdated the girls are in the image.  By some means we crossed paths.  A single of the girls gave me the photograph.  I have experienced it a very long time.

Somebody could be very pleased if they knew or are connected to possibly.  Perhaps somebody at the Chamber will know what to do!  It seems to me there are two possibilities: send out it to the newspaper, or Squander paper basket.

In the occasion that an individual gets some satisfaction I would be happy to listen to.

It appears to be there was a 3rd option– set it in the Chamber information for 22 a long time, in which it labored its way to the in basket at the Image Cave, so you can now love it.  Does everyone acknowledge these gals?