Things You Need To Know Before Traveling to Singapore

Singapore has deserved a character as an extravagant city to travel to, but this doesnt certainly have to be the matter.

If youre having proper knowledge about the things you need to know before traveling to Singapore, you can have a marvelous trip to Singapore regardless of your funds. 

If I could only choose simple words to define Singapore, they would be: clean, refined, effective but pricey.

This place is not decorated in natural resources but it is remunerated by property of jaw-dropping man-made charms.

If you visiting any country you must be aware of its norms and regulations as a traveler.

Thats why we have put together a list of the most essential things to know before traveling to Singapore.

1.Singapore’s Changi Airport named world’s best Airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport has been nominated the world’s best airport for the eighth year in a row at the annual Skytrax World Airport Awards.

The World Airport Awards 2020 Changi Airport occupied the first spot on the list, Tokyo Haneda Airport came second.

Changi Airport is home to the largest indoor waterfall in the world. 

The Jewel has only been inaugurated in 2019 and comprises a wide variety of shopping complexes and loads of spots to dine.

The main terminal houses cactus gardens, a swimming pool, restrooms, an indoor 12-meter slide, and multiplexes.

Hopping around the terminal can be easily done by taking the Skytrain free of charge. These must interesting things to know before traveling to Singapore.

2.Chewing gum is banned in Singapore

Things You Need To Know Before Traveling to Singapore

You must be wondering what to be aware of when traveling to Singapore. Singapore Government had imposed a ban on chewing gum from buying and selling.

For the traveler, it is a big no for chewing gum use in Singapore as this can lead to heavy penalties or imprisonment.

Moreover, this was imposed by the government for the cleanness of the city. Things to be aware of when visiting Singapore.

And thanks to this law, guests to Singapore can anticipate finding an impressively neat city, free from gum stains on sidewalks and chewing gum under tables.

3.Carrying Cash can come Handy 

Things You Need To Know Before Traveling to Singapore

You must be imagining why one should carry cash when traveling to an advanced country. These are very important things to know about Singapore.

This city is full of a vending machines that can be filled with beverages, snacks, chips, soft drink cans, tickets, and laundry.

These machines only accept coins and cash. So to deal with this situation cash can come in handy and won’t have to search for ATMat at that point.

4.Hawker Centres can be a Cheap Meal Spot

Things You Need To Know Before Traveling to Singapore

Hawker center can be a great place to have a hygienic meal at a cheap price.

As the hawker culture is well-known in Singapore. We can find a few Michelin Star food stalls that serve the cheapest Michelin Starred dishes here. 

These food stalls are covered under strict guidelines of the government for hygiene purposes.

So you are sure that you will face any food poisoning after the meal.

Secondly, you will find some of the most genuine and flavorful meals in all of Singapore in these hawker centers. And lastly, most meals wont price you back more than $5 SGD.

5.Book cheap Online Tickets for activities 

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Most tourist attractions are free like the Sentosa island but few of them are chargeable like  Gardens by the Bay in Singapores Marina Bay.

These two greenhouses tower of Marina Bay, decorated with several plants.

But buying a single entrance ticket can be expensive. So you can use online platforms, such as Klook and which comes with a bundle of activities such as Universal Studios (day pass), Singapore Pass at a lower price plus you can skip the queues and enjoy.

6.Sentosa Island must be in your Itinerary

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If youre a first-time traveler to Singapore, I couldnt suggest visiting Sentosa is highly satisfying.

If you have visited Sentosa before, well, its so hard to tell your buddies youve seen it all because the island keeps updating new things all season.

The significant attractions on Sentosa Island hold the Universal Studios, S.E.A aquarium which has one of the most extensive collections of marine creatures in the world.

Tiger Sky Tower, Sentosa Merlion, the Madame Tussauds Museum, the Trick Eye Museum, Cove Waterpark, the Palawan & Siloso Beaches, the Wings of Time show, and the Dolphin island.

And the list can go on so please do visit I guarantee you will not regret it.

7. Singapore can be a costly city to visit in Asia.

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Amongst the other Asian countries, Singapore can be an expensive country to travel to as per your expectation. As you have pretty cheap countries like Indonesia and Malaysia in that place.

Why is it expensive? Due to an extremely developed country, Singapore is trying to compete with the United States. And this country occupies the wealthy population of the country.

So if you are traveling to Singapore you must have a good budget. But there are places where you can do cost-cutting. As accommodation here is pretty expensive but you can look for Hostels or Capsule stay which fit your budget.

Or you consider staying in the outer part of the city in the more local neighborhoods, such as Toa Payoh which is one of Singapores oldest suburbs. For food, you can rely on Hocker Centre to get cheap but healthy food. 

To communicate around the city you can use the MRT which can save a lot.

8.Showing feet is not appreciated in Singapore

Things You Need To Know Before Traveling to Singapore

Feet are considered to be impure and therefore it’s essential to avoid showing your feet at people or pointing at people. Most Asian people think it offensive to point toes or showing the bottoms of their feet.

Though it will not land you in a legal case, it is more linked to the manners or etiquette of a country. People here do not feel good when someone pops out their feet while sitting on a couch or a cafe. These are very important things to know when traveling to Singapore.

9.Tourist Sim cards are easily available.

Grabbing your Tourist Sim Card is very easy in Singapore. You can easily purchase a tourist from the airport as per your trip.

The internet speed is the fastest which you can get around the world and Data plans are pretty cheap too like 7-day, 12-day or 15-day tourist sim cards from Singtel.

They cost $15 SGD, $30 SGD, and $50 SGD individually. Don’t worry about wifi. You pretty much hop to any place where you can get free wifi in public places.

10.Smoking in Public is strictly prohibited in Singapore

Things You Need To Know Before Traveling to Singapore

Singapore is very concerned about its citizens’ health.

Singapore is a country that prevents its inhabitants from being a visitor to chewing gum, litter, and also transit snacking.

As other countries too follow this stick law anti-smoking zone in their countries.

But you can find a smoking zone to puff a cigarette. If you are found smoking or disobeying the law then ready to pay a heavy penalty for that.

11. MRT connectivity within the City is Amazing

Things You Need To Know Before Traveling to Singapore

Their impressive and effective public transport system had been designed in Singapore.

There five MRT lines which cover most parts of the city and interlinking buses and rails are also available which navigate around the nearest MRT station.

These transportation systems can be used by getting hands-on a Singapore Tourist pass or an EZ Link Card.

This can only cheat mode of transportation in-country. The cabs service is also there but these services are pretty expensive.

12. Is Singapore a Safe City to Travel?

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Yes Singapore is one of the safest places in the world for solo (or group) travelers.

Singapore is rated 8th on the global crime index.

And crime still happens but it is very safe for travelers. You must gather few information before visiting Singapore.

13. Use Public Transport instead of Cabs

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There are few countries in the world which have super efficient transportation systems.

Singapore is one of them. As it has the best connectivity of MRT in the country which is pretty cheap than other modes of transport.

There are five lanes of MRT; these five lines see a daily 3.3 million riders daily, making it very active.

Making it the most popular and convenient way to travel within the city.

These are accessed by issues ecard and recharge as per your needs.

But cabs can be much more expensive if you are traveling on a budget.

14.Drugs Can be a Serious Offence Here

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Stay miles away from drugs. Singapore is very strict when it comes to drugging.

Even marijuana is prohibited here which is legal in some other countries.

If you are being found with drugs it leads to imprisonment for 10years or can be given the death penalty.

These are things you must know before visiting Singapore.

15.Accommodation can be a Big Expense For you

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Luxury hotels for accommodation can be very expensive which start around $400 SGD depending on the season. But you can book some hotels in advance to get a good deal.

If you are looking for a cheap option you book hostels and cheap hotels outside the city.

Sadly air Bnb and rental facilities are illegal in Singapore.

Hope in the future the government can make changes in the law.

16. Expect Hot Weather in Singapore

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The weather in Singapore is pretty much hot, humid, and wet often like other Southeast Asian countries.

So you can visit any time of the year. You can expect constant 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

As it is a tropical weather country make sure to pack your outfits like summer clothes as you dress in the summertime.

Moreover, you can also expect some rain which makes the weather more humid and it makes it uncomfortable in the streets.

Lastly, you can carry a light or a raincoat umbrella to save you from rain. These are things to know before going to Singapore.