Clarence Brown

This cabinet card of Clarence Brown bears more than the usual amount of information..  In addition to his name and date, the reverse tells us his hair was light brown, his eyes mid blue, he is wearing a blue coat

Centennial Parade

It’s been a while since we’ve seen an image from the February 14, 1959 Oregon Centennial parade.  This one really shows how miserable a day it was, weatherwise.  You have to give the participants and the onlookers credit for coming

“Indian Nellie”

It’s frustrating to not have identification beyond “Indian Nellie”, but that was very common on this era (1910s).  This photo was from Alma Howe’s personal collection, bearing notes in her handwriting on the reverse.  Alma Howe kept “guest cottages” up

Camp Fire Girls, 1963

This Campfire Girls group from 1963 is fully identified: Top (L-R): Sharon Crane, Cordelia Bradshaw, Susan Dallman, Janice Dunn. Bottom (L-R): Margo Hicks, Debra Harding, Holly Hanners. If I am reading it correctly, they were the “Whn-Wa-Te-Ko Camp Fire Group.”

“Waukoma Interstate Bridge”

Here’s the original blueprint (sheet 1) for the Oregon Washington Bridge Company’s “Waukoma Interstate Bridge” as drawn in August 1923.  We know that shortly before the bridge opened to traffic on December 6, 1924 the name was changed to “Hood


This image from the Hood River News collection just has the enigmatic caption “Hungarian.”  I’ll make a few guesses:  Since the images in this box seem to all be from 1957, this could be a family of refugees from the

Mazama Box on top of Mt. Adams

This may be a Fred Donnerberg photograph of the box placed by the Mazamas atop Mt. Adams to record parties who summit the mountain.  The Mazamas take their record keeping seriously.  It was through a record in a box like

New Ambulance?

It looks like the Hood River Fire Department volunteers in this image are showing off a new ambulance.  This is a Joe Young photograph from the late 1940s or early 1950s..  Can anyone identify these men? That ambulance is definitely

Old Bridge/ New Bridge

This 1982 ODOT image shows the replacement of the Columbia River Highway bridge across the Hood River.  From this point of view you can see how the alignment was modified to remove what used to be a “T” intersection at

“Dinner Time, Cafeteria Style”

This is another image for the World War II (1942-1943) era Oregon State Extension report describing how they recruited Mexican workers to replace the Japanese who had been forceably removed from the Hood River Valley.  These men are waiting in