Ghosts of Hood River

A couple of years ago I gave a talk entitled “The Ghosts of Hood River.”  I described how every place I walk around our town I am reminded of historic images showing the people who once occupied those very same

“Home of Benjamin B and Carmen Lucille Powell”

We have all sorts of information about this one… except for where it is. E. Dawn Polson prepared this caption: Home of Benjamin B. and Carmen Lucille Powell, Owners of BB Powell Plumbing.  The came to HR in 1906.  Both

“Mother Bond, Her Children and her Grandchildren”

This image is part of a group donated to the museum in 1961 by Hazel Nelson Briscoe (or Briscol).  Combining the notes we learn Anna Bond Nelson was the first wife of Ole Nelson.  She died of cancer and diabetes

Tetsuo Takasumi

This is an official US Army Photograph from the Hood River News archives, so presumably it appeared in the newspaper in 1957. Fortunately the US Army has extensive record-keeping rules so the caption tells us 1st Lt. Takasumi was stationed

Summer Fun

This seems an appropriate image for this hot weather.  This group enjoying the summer sun is from the Thomson family album, taken on the old beach at the mouth of the Hood River.  We saw other images of this beach

Pep Talk

This Alan Winans image shows the Wyeast High School basketball team getting a pep talk from their coach, circa 1953.  Can you provide any names for the boys or their coach? The post Pep Talk appeared first on The History

“Not to Exceed $45,000”

In May 1920 the voters of the City of Hood River approved a $45,000 bond to acquire a new fire engine to replace the antiquated 1904 chemical engine, as well as build a new city hall top replace the old

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“Cloud Cap Inn at Night”

This image from the Crag Rats collection shows Cloud Cap in on a June evening in 1964. Jeffrey Bryant found this great history of the construction of Cloud Cap Inn and the road up to it, as recalled by Will

Snowy Stairs

This Ella May Davidson image shows a section of the Second Street Stairs near its crossing of Hazel Street, circa 1915.  The original stairs were a haphazard wood structure running next to the Wilson pipeline.  This shallow section was a