Lift Span Structure

I crossed the Hood River White Salmon Bridge this weekend to take a look at the damage to the lift span.  It was hard to figure out which steel was from the original fixed span 1924 bridge and which steel

“4th of July at the Bridges Ranch”

I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July picnics, parades, and other gatherings.  I think this Pansy Dewitt image really captures the spirit of their gathering at the “Bridges Ranch.”  I’m not sure who the Bridges were, but this

Parade Time!

Hope you’re all ready for the July 4th festivities tomorrow.  If I’m not mistaken we’re looking at frequent HHR commenters Paul and Maria Kollas in Paul’s Model A parading in 2008.  We’ve also seen many images by Paul’s dad, Joe

7th? 9th?

This Alva Day view is tagged as 9th Street, but I think it may be 7th Street.  It’s always nice when Mt. Adams is included in a view since its relationship to the hills in the foreground allows for pretty

Lift Span

The lift span of the Hood River White Salmon Bridge has been in the news lately, so let’s take a look at its early days.  When the bridge was built in 1924 it had a fixed truss spanning the shipping


I find this Alva Day image remarkably evocative of lazy, hot summer days.  Two children fooling around in a row boat in the hazy light at the end of the day, the smells, the sounds, the feelings all come flooding

Album Page

We have many unidentified photo albums in our collection like this one.  I enjoy the detective work trying to figure out who the people are.  I was successful with the Alta Walter albums and the George Thomson family albums, so

Locomotive at Hood River Depot

This Union Pacific locomotive is at the Hood River on a snowy day.  It looks like the rail has just been cleared. I hope the train guys can narrow down a year, because I am interested in the building down

Sack Lunch?

Alva Day took this odd class portrait in December 1938.  At first glance I assumed each student had a sack lunch, but those bags look awfully full for a sandwich and apple.  Also, the image has a 3:40 PM time

“Second Street Looking North”

This Reeves postcard shows the familiar view of Second Street looking to the north on a busy day.  There’s a big crowd of people by the intersection of Oak Street, so perhaps there is a parade or other event. The