Alta Walter captured this impression captioned &#8220Barlow Monument&#8221 on a 1920s excursion along the newly designed Mt. Hood Loop Freeway.  It commemorates an even previously street, the Barlow Street made use of by emigrants to Oregon Territory.  I didn&#8217t recognize it, but Tom of Wyeast Site was in a position to promptly clear up the thriller by determining the Sam and Susannah Barlow plaques in Government Camp. They had been put in 1923 by the Daughters of the American Revolution.  In this article&#8217s the Susannah Lee Barlow plaque, and right here&#8217s a present day look at of both the plaques.

If you seem very carefully you can see Mt. Hood in the background.  I&#8217m glad the plaques survive, but I&#8217m quite guaranteed the watch now is absolutely nothing like this picture.  If you&#8217re checking out Government Camp you should snap a photograph for us struggling with in the way of Mt. Hood.


The article &#8220Barlow Monument&#8221 appeared initial on The Historical past Museum of Hood River County.