We’re hijacking Morganne’s ordinarily Monday spot to explain to you about the fantastic new show Morganne has assembled at the History Museum.  The Museum was packed with guests this weekend for the opening reception for “Voices of the River.”  The high level was a when Wyam (Celilo) member Lana Jack instructed stories about the drowning of Celilo Falls and what it intended to the people today who lived in Celilo Village.  She adopted with a dance in this prayer scarf she developed to memorialize the occasion.  The graphic on the back again represents Chief Tommy Thompson weeping at the impending loss of the Falls.

Although Lana Jack was just below for the reception, the show will be at the museum for quite a few months.  It includes an amazing assortment of pictures by Archie McKeown, a collection of objects created by a variety of folks who have lived alongside the river, and an interactive online video by the Confluence Undertaking.  Whilst we try to bring the Museum into your existence day-to-day with this photoblog, it is worth a physical journey to the Museum to see this show.