I&#8217ll bet we can learn additional about the issue of this photo, Dick Edstrom.  It&#8217s from a assortment of looses pictures in the Hood River News assortment, most relationship from the late 1950s.  We know from this edition of the Columbia Gorge News that in 1982 Edstrom and partner Clayton Curtis took in excess of Peggy&#8217s Hen Hut, &#8220a cafe that specializes in fried hen and hamburgers&#8221 at 12th and May perhaps Road.  Permit us know if you know just about anything about Dick Edstrom, or Peggy&#8217s Hen Hut for that matter!

You can see the locale and go through a minor about Edstrom and Curtis in this write-up from 2020.

The put up Dick Edstrom appeared to start with on The History Museum of Hood River County.