Every interior view we have from the early 1900’s is precious.  It took an experienced photographer to capture an image like this, where you can clearly see detail in every corner of the field.  I’m not really sure how they managed to light this image, but it’s a treasure.

This was the mensware department at the Paris Fair.  Notes suggest it was taken in 1905, or maybe they were just dating the building.  A list of names is offered:  Burleigh Cash, Tom Chapman, T. A. Reavis, Geo. Knox, and Geo. Thomson.  I think the man to the right may be George Thomson, based on other images we have of him.

There’s a good selection of shoes for $0.83 to the left, with summer suits on sale for $16.50, marked down from $20.00.  There are hats and shirt collars, and then some strange contraption in the upper left corner which I can’t identify.  Any guesses?

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