All Types Of Parking At Universal Studios Orlando

This article provides a complete guide to 2024 Universal Orlando parking! If you are driving anywhere, particularly to amusement parks, there’s always the issue of Parking. There is plenty of mess in choosing the best parking spot in Universal Studios Orlando.

Whether you’re driving, getting dropped off by a vehicle, or using another method of transportation, we’d like to ensure you’re well-prepared for your journey and arrive quickly and easily for direction universal studios and universal studios orlando parking lot.

Universal Studios Orlando has many paid parking options, such as Valet, standard, and Universal Prime Parking. Each one has its pricing and has different advantages. Universal also has handicapped parking, electric car stations, and an R.V. park.

Cost Of Parking At Universal Studios Orlando

Here all about universal studios parking fee 2024 and universal studios orlando parking hours

1. General Parking: $25 until 6 pm

2. Prime Upgrade – $23

3. Prime Parking – $50 before 6 pm

4. Valet Parking: $5 for less than 2 hours, or $45 for longer than 2 hours

5. R.V./Bus Parking – $32 per day

In addition to the cost, The main distinction between parking choices is the proximity to the entrance/exit you are and at what level you’re on.

A little extra of $10 – $30 could be advantageous to those wishing for more convenient vehicle access for universal studios orlando parking costs.

In the two wings of the parking area at Universal Studios Orlando, each wing is divided into three major sections, each with several kinds of Parking.

The wings are separated into two sections: the first includes Jurassic Park, King Kong, and Jaws, and the other includes Spider-Man, Cat in the Hat, and E.T.

In the remaining piece of this blog, we’ll explain the amount each level of Parking is, how to obtain universal citywalk parking free and extra for universal studios hours, and how you can save on Parking all over the world.

All Types Of Parking At Universal Studios Orlando

Parking options vary in Universal Studios Orlando depending on the type of Parking you choose parking at universal orlando.

The table below will discuss the costs of available parking options at Universal Studios Orlando. It also outlines what’s included in that parking option, including parking in closed spaces or spaces on the lower level or discounts for annual pass holders and other universal studios orlando parking discounts and universal studios orlando parking cash or card.

General Parking $26 Per Car

Universal Studios Orlando has Parked in one central location that offers Parking to Universal Studios, Islands Of Adventure, CityWalk, and Volcano Bay.

The problem is that Volcano Bay doesn’t have guests Parking. Therefore, visitors are advised to park in the main garages for Parking and take advantage of the free shuttle service offered through Universal Studios to and from Volcano Bay.

If you arrive at the parking garages located at Volcano Bay, you’ll receive directions to Spider-Man, Cat in the Hat, and E.T. garages. These are the ones you want to choose to access Volcano Bay since the bus transport center is situated in the lower part of the lot in that Cat In The Hat lot.

Valet Parking in Universal Studios

The valet parking option in the parking garage at Universal Studios Orlando is $27 for the first 2 hours of your stay and $75 for all other times you stay longer than two hours.

Prices change after 6 pm, starting at $27.00 for two hours, $40.00 for more than 2 hours, and $50.00 for longer than two hours on Mardi Festival nights.

The Valet Parking option lets you be the closest you could get to the security station, which causes it more immediate and additional opportunely for you to enter the parks and out once you are ready to leave.
This is a superb opportunity for anyone who desires to maximize their time at the park and is within the funds to spare.

Universal Prime Parking

If you prefer to park your Car instead of Universal Valet parking and don’t want to pay a little more for the universal studios florida parking fee consider spending a little more on Prime parking. You can pay $60 and take your vehicle down onto the bottom level in the Universal Studios parking garage.

But, make sure you arrive at a reasonable time in the early morning as you’ll have a greater chance of Parking nearer using Prime Parking. If you reach too late, you’ll spend an additional Universal park parking charge for no gain.

Important to know that when you book the Universal Orlando trip through a licensed Universal travel agent such as The Park Prodigy, you could get a free upgrade.

Anyone who includes an Avis or Budget rental car to their Universal Orlando vacation package can get a free upgrade up to Universal Orlando prime Parking.

The voucher must be presented to avail of this offer, as is payment for the standard $27 Universal Orlando parking.

Discounts On Universal Studios Orlando Parking

Annual pass holders get different discounts depending on the kind of pass they have purchased.

For instance, Premier Pass holders get Universal Parking free for Valet and Prime and can change up to Red Carpet Valet for $20 instead of $60.

Passholders with preferred passes get free self-parking or can use Valet for $30. They also have the option of upgrading the Red Carpet Valet for just $35 as long as it is they are available.

Seasonal and power passes do not offer parking discounts or Parking at Universal Studios Orlando. Also, there is no Universal Studios Orlando parking pass or parking pass, only tickets with potential benefits from Parking.

Free Parking At Universal Studios Orlando

Free Parking At Universal Studios Orlando

There isn’t a lot of parking fee at Universal. It is achievable to park for complimentary if you visit after 6 pm or attend the matinee concert of a film.
But, you’ll have to cover the cost upfront of Parking and be reimbursed when you show your tickets when returning.

You will likewise be capable of appreciating complimentary universal citywalk parking when you arrive after 6 hours. But, this is contingent on the season because they usually hold special events. If the event takes place later than 6 pm, you’ll be required the cost of Parking.

Parking Near Resorts In Universal Studios Orlando

Unfortunately, overnight Parking at any of the Universal Studios Orlando hotels and resorts will incur a cost. Expect to pay $28 for self-parking and $37 for valet parking. This is reserved for guests who have registered.

Visitors visiting for a day will need to pay $30 for self-parking, and the universal studios orlando parking fee for valet parking is $42. Valet parking is available only in the most prestigious hotels, which include Sapphire Falls Hard Rock Hotel and Portofino Bay.

Hotels like Royal Pacific charge $45 for self-parking, and the valet fee is $42.
Cabana Bay, as well as Aventura, offers a nightly rate of $18. excursions with self-parking available only. In addition, the Endless Summer hotel charges $15 for guests staying overnight with Parking for self-parking only.

Arking for electric vehicles

Universal Studios Orlando has electric charging stations available in the parking garages. The electric charging spots are in the valet areas of the parking garages universal studios orlando parking re-entry.

To access the charging stations for electric devices, you’ll need to apply for the valet parking space. If you are in the valet section, there is only $60 for valet parking and no additional charges for electric charging.

There are four charging stations in the area. Two of these belong to Tesla branding charging stations, and the remaining two are general charging stations that can be utilized by any electric car.

FAQ On Universal Studios Orlando

What is the cost of Universal Parking in 2022?

The regular parking rate at Universal Studios starts at $27 per hour. It is necessary to recognize that this rate can raise based on the location and how you park.

Are there Parking for free at Universal Studios Orlando?

The only free parking time available for guests at Universal Studios Orlando is after 6:00 pm on nights when there isn’t a Halloween Horror Nights event.

Do you have free Parking in the vicinity of Universal Orlando?

Since Universal Orlando occupies an enormous amount of space and such a large portion of the Orlando area, there aren’t many places in the vicinity that Universal (or a privately owned) business does not own. This is why there aren’t many free parking spots within Universal.

Do the Universal Orlando parking rates change?

An example: The universal parking rates do not be changed daily. The parking rates for special events may be more costly than regular daytime Parking. It is important to remember that parking rates for all types of events may be higher in 2022.

Does Universal Orlando offer R.V. parking?

Yes! There isn’t any Universal Orlando Resort campground. Guests can park their R.V.s at the cost of $32 per day, without any hassle! Also, make sure to bring your entire family along or take a look at the vast variety of campgrounds in the Orlando region.

When is the Adequate Time To Visit Universal Orlando?

If you’re uncertain how you should plan your coming Universal trip, Our Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar is the most effective tool to ensure you make the most of your time at the parks. We break down crowds at the park, the hours of operation for each park, ticket prices for each day, and the average temperatures.

Universal Studios Orlando Parking Garage Address

6000 Universal Boulevard Orlando, FL 32819

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