Alva Working day captured this aerial see of a dredge on the Hood River waterfront in July 1951.  I feel this dredging was affiliated with possibly the drinking water-amount freeway by way of Hood River or the “Groin” which jutted into the river approximately even with 2nd Street.  It wasn’t right until 1962 that dredging began to construct the waterfront land as we see it currently.  We have seen that afterwards dredging project in this, this, and this article.

We know the “Groin” existed as early as 1938 from this post, which is why I believe this is extra probably freeway development.

This might not be the most beautiful graphic, but it reveals an crucial aspect of the story about how we have (quickly) shaped the river’s edge to meet up with our needs.  The river has its very own idea, reforming the delta which was “tamed” in the 1930s and closing off the Nichols Basin.