This is a good example of why I’ve been having so much fun looking through the Thomson family album.  They always seem to be having fun, there’s often a local background, and there’s always lots of detail to enjoy.  The album seems to be strictly chronological, covering a period from 1912 to 1935 as best as I can tell, so I date this one to early 1910s.

I think that’s the Mt. Hood Railroad bridge across the Hood River.

We don’t know who these folks are, but they are at the Mt. Hood Railroad bridge across the Hood River (east end) and they’re having a good time.  While it’s a little hard to make out, the man to the left is pointing with his pipe.  He looks like a reasonable match for Claude Thompson as seen in this 1907 8th grade class photo from the Barrett School, though I don’t think he was even related to George Thomson.

I’m not sure what the rifle is for.

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